Why your car key remote won’t work properly?

The car remote key has been such a blessing to people who own them. Unlocking the car has become so easy, and one doesn’t have to use the traditional key to open it after putting it in the ignition. But, most of us are also aware that the car remote key pretty much stops working after a given time. While for most of the cases it is because the battery is dead, but if it is broken or so, it can cause you a considerable amount to get it repaired. If the battery is dead, just replacing the battery does the work and it is a widespread problem as well. For the best results, hire reliable car key fob replacement in OKC services.

Let us see how to check if the problem is with the car key and why it has stopped working.

How to know if the car remote key is at fault or not?
If you want to verify if your car remote key is the one which is not working or there is some technical problem with your lock, you should always keep a backup key. If the second remote unlocks the door, you know the fault lies within your car remote. However, in minor cases, it has been seen that the second remote is not able to unlock it either and that can be either because it is faulty as well or there might be a problem with your car lock. This is when you need to use your physical key to check if the lock is working or not.

Why does the car key remote doesn’t work?

1) The battery is dead
The car remote keys use four category button cell batteries which are not very expensive as well. This is why it is necessary that you check if the original battery is being used or there is some fraud in it. To test the battery for the remote car key, you can ask a local dealer to do it for you. You can also do it just by opening the key and looking out for the battery. The battery is going to have some numbers like CR2032 which is printed on it. As these batteries are not very expensive and likely to be dead soon, you can also change them with better cells which work on 3-3.6 volts.

2) Internal contacts damaged
The key remotes are not indestructible, and there are chances that there are some broken contacts inside the remote. The most common places where an error is found is the buttons and battery terminal contacts. You can pull the remote apart to check if the terminals are broken or not as they are visible. The battery terminals are going to be loosened, and if you can solder them carefully, it is going to be okay. If the terminals are not broken, it means the problem is with the buttons, and for that, you need to ask a professional to repair it.

The car remote keys can be replaced and reprogrammed in case they are not working. You can ask a professional to reprogram it if possible because replacing it is expensive. Make the most of reliable key fob replacement in OKC services.

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